You need to provide us the property owner name, property registration document number, year of registration, SRO, district, village, Mandal & survey number of the property. If you have don’t have all of the information, we will figure out if you provide the basic information.

Its completed immediately. Once you make the payment, we will verify all the details you have provided and will contact you if we need more information.

No, we don’t take any legal process. As the owner of the property it is your responsibility to take any legal action.

Yes, you can invite any of your family/friend to view all the details on your account. From “My Account” tab you should be able to invite any one.

By default, we cross verify your documents once a month.

We will first send out an email, SMS and WhatsApp message first and then we call all the numbers you have provided. So, we request you to provide your number and also couple of alternative numbers in case you don’t live in India.

At this point of time we offer only 3 times a year but in future you would be able to request as many times as you want for a fee.

Its very secure and we use a very secure payment gateways on our website.

You will get full refund with in 60 days after that you won’t get any refund

We verify Adangal, Registration Encumberance certificate, Bhoodhar (in Applicable areas), Land disputes register, Revenue cases list and few other databases.

First, we verify all government records to make sure your details are not changed. If there is any change on your records or if we see any indication of other changes which can be related to you, we will then notify you of changes and suggest our recommendation on how to proceed but it is your responsibility to decide and take action.

We can always be your advisor in case you needed to take legal action or any other steps to protect your property.

Our team visits your property once in every 4 months to get the latest photos and videos of the property. We will then cross verify those images and videos with the previous ones to make sure nothing changed in the property.

We offer Vault-a-Prop for free as we are not monitoring any of your property we are just providing you an option to list your properties and share.

We hope one day you will subscribe to one or all of our services

We prefer to get as much information as possible from you, if you don’t have all the details of a property then enter as much information you have and make payment. We will identify rest of the details ourselves, if we couldn’t identify the minimum details we need to monitor then we will return you amount back to you in 7-10 business days from the day we notify you about the lack of information to monitor.

No, you cannot, by clicking any of the subscribe button you are agree to our terms which clearly mentions that you can monitor your own property or the properties you got the authorization to monitor.

Being said that, we don’t display any private data but all the info we display or the data you submit all are in the public domain.

Yes, we may or not depending on the location and property type.

Yes, for safety purposes we request you to download all the screenshots, documents, videos and images that we upload, but we also keep a copy on our server but we strongly request you to save on your cloud accounts also.

You can invite as many individuals as you need to become joint account holders who can monitor properties on your account.

Yes, when you invite another individual to your account, you can decide which properties you want to share with him/her.

This feature is particularly useful when two brothers have their own properties but also has some inherited properties then they both can monitor own properties individually but can share the common properties so that both will have access.

We will be available on phone from 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM IST on our number +91 9533894894 but also can send us email at [email protected]

You can also leave a message on our website PropertyShield.in/Contact US

As mentioned in our Terms & Conditions and also on multiple places on the website, we wont be able stop any fraud or encroachment, we can only alert any fraud or encroachment as soon as we notice it. It is up to you then to decide what to do.

We dont want to project what we can’t do, at this point of time, we don’t have capacity to stop a fraud or encroachment. It is very hard to identify if someone was scheming in their mind about committing a fraud.

In our experience, in most cases it takes up to a year for the land owner to realize that their property is encroached or documents are forged. We have seen cases where it took more than 3 years.

By installing our sign board, it will deter the fraudsters to think twice before they commit any fraud on your property.