Even your properties’ government records are open to security risks. When the wrong people gain access to them, you may find out too late that they have been tampered with, especially if you are unable to monitor your properties regularly. This is something that Shield-a-Doc can help you with.


Why Shield-a-Doc and how it works?

A gang of land grabbers took an interest in a specific vacant plot whose owner lives far away. They created fake documents showing that the plot was sold to one of the gang member’s relatives back in 1980. This is how they filed for a General Power of Attorney (GPA) for the plot. Using the same GPA, they were able to register another property document under the name of another gang member.

Later on, the gang decided to sell the land and placed a “Plot for Sale” sign on it. Fortunately, one of the original landowner’s relatives live in the same area and called the landowner to check if he really was selling the plot. Because the landowner was influential, they were able to stop the fraudulent act with the help of the police.

What if the relative failed to notice the “For Sale” sign?

With Shield-a-Doc, you can prevent anybody from tampering with official property documents

- We will cross-check all government records of your properties as often as you want to make sure everything is in place.

- We will notify you in case of any change made on your property documents and records so that you can prevent possible tampering.

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