Misuse and illegal encroachment of property happens when properties are not monitored on a regular basis. Shield-a-Prop allows you to monitor and keep track of your property no matter where you are, and no matter when you need to.


Why Shield-a-Prop and how it works?

An NRI bought a plot in a rich supurb and didn't monitor the plot as often he should be. When finally his family had a chance to check on the property, the neighbor had already extended their house on this plot.

The legitimate owner filed a civil case, but considering his location and his parent’s age, it was difficult to make any real progress. In the end, the landowner agreed to an amicable solution; he took the same-sized plot in another area which was owned by land encroacher. Although this story had a peaceful ending, the process was still time- and resource-consuming.

With Shield-a-Prop, distance, time or age will not be an issue in monitoring any kind of property.

- We will visit your property on your behalf and upload photographs and video of the Property

- We will cross-verify the current and past state of your property to check on any unusual or unauthorized construction or development.

- We will notify you immediately about any changes on your property.

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“ Preventing a disease from spreading is easier than getting rid of it. Sign up for Shield-a-Prop and prevent unauthorized people from encroaching on your property. ”