There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to take care or keep track of your property forever. In your absence, you need people you trust to have the same amount of access to information about your property and its location. That’s what Vault-a-Prop is for.


Why Vault-a-Prop and how it works?

A prosperous couple, because of their busy schedules, relied on close family members to acquire new properties and care for them.

When the husband died, no one had a clue about the exact location of half the properties and where most of the documents are. They are not in good terms anymore with the close family members they relied on before. Although the family has since hunted down some additional properties and documents, they continue to look for the rest.

With Vault-a-Prop, you can avoid wasted time, money and other resources.

- Vault-a-Prop is a FREE service that allows you to give access to family members, allowing them to view property details and location.

- Save all pertinent document details and location information in a single risk-free repository.

Enter your
property details
Mark your property
on the map
Give access to the
right people
“ Prevention is always better than cure. Sign up for Vault-a-Prop and start sharing document details and property location to the right people the hassle-free way. ”